Heartbroken Felista Releases Painful Apology After Alien Skin Threatening To Take Champion Ogudo Back To His Parents In Kawempe.

In a tear-jerking video, Felista Di Superstar regretted approaching the Ruparelia Foundation to give Champion Ogudo a bursary, having learnt that he had been kicked out of Fangone Forest by Alien Skin.

In the video, the rapper, better known as Felista, said: I’m here to apologise. I asked for a bursary on behalf of Champion Ogudo but I didn’t know it was going to become a problem… I didn’t know I was dreaming.

Felista - Champion Gudo Should Be Given A Chance To Study

If it’s true that Alien Skin chased you, it’s bad and it pains me. I still think that Alien was joking. But let’s wait till Friday. That’s when we’ll confirm… I apologise to my fans who spread this message.

I apologise to Champion Ogudo. I apologise to Alien Skin. I apologise to Mr. Muganga of Victoria University. I apologise to the Ruparelia Foundation. I apologise to Kampala Parents School.

You never know if it wasn’t for my request, all this would never have happened. I didn’t know that wishing someone something good can land them into trouble at times. Sometimes you ask yourself what really makes someone happy or sad?

I will leave it to you, my friends.

It’s on Tuesday, August 29 that videos emerged showing that MC Kats and Alien Skin had been embroiled in bickering during a TikTok live session.

In one of the videos, Kats threatened to return Ogudo back to Kawempe where had picked him before undertaking his custody.

Alien Skin was angered by some claims that he was financially benefitting from Ogudo. In a video, Ogudo’s elder brother, who was also under Alien’s custody, said that the singer had picked them from their single mother’s at a young age after being abandoned by their father.


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