“I Used To Feed GNL And Even Gave Him Money To Fix His Teeth, But He Decided To Betray Me!!” Navio Confirms His Beef With GNL Zamba.

Navio revealed he supported GNL Zamba in the early stages of his career, including paying for his dental care.

Navio met Zamba through The Mith. The Mith was Navio’s singing partner under Klear Kut.

GNL Zamba, Navio Join the Grammy Recording Academy with Special Privileges  | The Kampala Post

Navio, who had been out of the country for a while, returned to find that The Mith had become close with Zamba and they were performing together at Steak Out Bar, a popular hangout in Wandegeya at the time.

They used to perform there on Fridays.

Then one day while recording at Mesach Semakula’s studio recording his Saloon and Bugumu, The Mith called Navio over the phone requesting him to feature Zamba on some of his songs.

Navio accepted and GNL featured on Bugumu.

Speaking to NRG Radio, Navio said the “Ani Aluleeta” line was his though he told GNL to say it in the video of the song.

“Ani Aluleeta was actually my slogan,” said Navio.

Navio said he helped GNL Zamba in a number of ways, including paying part of the money that was used to film his 2007 breakthrough song Soda.

“But it’s nothing… I do that all the time you know those days we were struggling,” said Navio. “I helped him with dental appointments… those guys [GNL and Keko] used to eat at my mum’s house.”

Said Navio: “I helped him a little bit along the way.”

GNL Zamba finally moved on to do his own projects and in the process beef between him and Navio started.

While Navio said that he never looked at himself as having beef with GNL, reports show that they both participated in a war of words for a bit.

Navio will hold a show to mark 20 years in the music industry on September 2.


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