Bobi Wine’s NUP Team Accused Of Violently Damaging UNRA Van Whose Driver Pulled A Gun On Them!

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has accused NUP President Bobi Wine’s convoy of damaging its vehicle while traveling to Mbarara yesterday, Monday.

The roads authority says Bobi Wine’s team attacked one of its employees and destroyed the rear window of his “Drone” van registration number UBD 251J.

Bobi Wine's team was accused of smashing the rear window of a UNRA Van They however accused the driver of drawing a gun on Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine yesterday held a rally in Mbarara City, the first of several that his party plans to hold in different parts of the country.

The altercation with the UNRA employee happened while the NUP team was en route to the western city.

Some of the NUP members who were part of the convoy, claimed last evening that the UNRA driver was a disguised member of a government security agency and that he had a gun on him.

Journalist Motiv Kasagga alleged that the Drone driver even drew his gun on Bobi Wine and that it was only after they started filming him that he withdrew.

However, UNRA Spokesman Alan Sempebwa dismissed these allegations and instead accused the NUP team of assaulting the UNRA driver.

The fellows actually hit the van on going about its normal duties,” Sempebwa said on Tuesday morning.

Those guys need to be restrained from this level of lawlessness. Is this how they take over government by destroying its property?”

Uganda Police yesterday said that although they allowed Bobi Wine to hold a rally in Mbarara City, his next meetings will not be permitted to take place in open grounds.

“Although Political Party activities at respective party offices or premises are lawful activities, all political parties are still obligated to disclose the specific locations, of their mobilisation activities, outside their party offices for safety and security reasons,” said police spokesman Fred Enanga.

Enanga added the NUP will henceforth be required to provide proof of permission granted by the respective owners of the venues to be used outside the NUP facilities, and that all meetings must be restricted to Town Halls and other appropriately enclosed areas


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