Angry Alien Skin Cancels His Unreleased Collabo With Struggling Fille After Desperate MC Kats Poking His Nose In Champion Gudo’s Issues!!

Alien Skin announced that the song he recorded with Fille Mutoni won’t be released following a spat with her baby daddy MC Kats.

Netizens on Tuesday woke up to a series of video clip showing Kats and Skin in a bitter argument. They were clipped from a live TikTok session hosted by Isaac Kawalya, alias Kayz.

Fille Mutoni, Alien Skin and MC Kats

The live conversation, which attracted participation from some other music industry experts, was mainly about the disagreement between MC Kats and Alien Skin over how to deal with the scholarship that was given to Champion Ogudo at Kampala Parents School.

While Skin is okay with the scholarship, he insists that someone from the school administration should first meet him at Fangone Forest. Kats, who appears to be the conduit, has failed to make that happen, claiming that the school management said that would be bad optics to offer the scholarship and be the ones to meet the kid’s guardian.

According to some clips shared on social media, Ogudo and his elder brother were abandoned by their father at a very young age and Alien Skin took custody of them. They hail from Kawempe.

Meanwhile, during the conversation, Kayz proposed to Alien Skin: We want only one thing, Fille’s song.

Skin: Fille’s song, like I announced that they come and I give them a collabo, the song was recorded, but I’ve deleted it. It’s no longer there.

Kayz: Doesn’t that affect Fille… yet you quarreled with Kats?

Skin: As who?… it’s Kats who asked for the duet. I had never seen Fille. I met her because of Kats… It’s Kats who has spoilt for Fille.


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