Embarrassed Karole Kasita Finally Pays Mudra His Songwriting Money After Being Exposed!

Mudra Viral revealed that Karole Kasita finally paid the money she owed him for writing songs.

“After this last interview, she called me… and gave me the money… so we’re fine,” said Mudra while appearing on Galaxy FM.

The two singers were introduced by a mutual friend and in the process he wrote for her songs that helped her become a household name.

The first song Mudra wrote was Yaka and it became a hit.

The song, which was released in 2018 and became successful, prompted Kasita to call him again to write Mwoto, her collabo with Cindy Sanyu. It’s also a big song.

Cindy Sanyu was also impressed by Viral’s lyrical ability and she collaborated with him on another sweet jam titled Boss. However, according to him, Cindy never put in significant effort in promoting the song, which is why it didn’t perform as well.

In a recent interview, Karole Kasita confessed that she achieved a lot while working with Mudra who later quit commercial music writing to focus on singing. His reasons for quitting were tied to poor pay.

Mudra Viral had attributed his issues with Karole Kasita to her former manager Joram Lukisa.

He said Lukisa used to mislead Kasita. Kasita and the manager recently badly fell out.

For each song, Kasita would pay Mudra Sh500k.

And he believes “all” the biggest songs Kasita has had were written by him, including Mwoto, Binyuma, Yaka, Baby Papa with Daddy Andre, and Balance among others.

But Kasita used to pay him in a manner that was frustrating. Sometimes, the money would delay, other times, it would be in parts and there is when she didn’t pay at all.

For instance, Mudra Viral said she had refused to pay him for You, her Collabo with Fik Fameica that’s on her recent EP.

Despite all this, Viral was so loyal to Kasita that when Swangz Avenue offered him Shs1 million to buy Big Papa, he turned it down yet Kasita was to pay 500k. He gave the song to her but she paid him in installments of 300k and 200k.

He also collaborated with Kasita on Nkuwulira but she didn’t promote the song.


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