Bitter Carol Nantongo Defends Sheebah For Releasing Music Every Month, Tells Cindy To Keep Quiet!

Former Golden Band vocalist Carol Nantongo has come out and defended the trend of fellow artists releasing new music almost every month.

She explains that artists do it because they focus on staying relevant in the industry and also get bookings from event promoters.

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The “Kamesa Tambula” singer adds that when an artist has no trending song or new music project they find it hard to get booked by promoters which sometimes plunges them into depression.

She adds that if the copyright law was effective enough, artists would not be under pressure to release new music every month reasoning that they would at least be reaping from their loyalties.

She thus explained that is the reason why most of them rush to release music in order to stay relevant in the promoters’ ears so that they earn themselves bookings.

Nantongo thus emphasized her support for everyone who is working on effecting the copyright law saying she is rooting for their positive cause towards the arts industry.


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