Masaka City Tycoon ‘Sausage’ Lwasa Emmanuel Says He’s No Longer Interested In Women, He’s Now Focused On Making More Money!!

A few weeks ago, it was revealed how Masaka businessman Emmanuel Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny had reconciled and were planning a future together.

Other reports alleged that he was also still in contact with his ex-lover Angel Kwakunda. The controversial businessman and socialite, however, denies both narratives.

While speaking to Spark TV’s Daily Soup, Lwasa revealed that he is no longer interested in women because they are all materialistic.

He said that he is over them and no longer wants to associate with them because they are “cursed.”

“I am fed up with women, I’m so over them. All women are so materialistic. I am now pretty single. I have spent over a month without seeing Angel (Kwakunda). She is posting very old videos, I’ve seen some of them as well but they are old.

All women are cursed, I chased them out of my life and I no longer want to associate with them. They come showing intentions of love but end up wanting to take my money.” Emmanuel Lwasa

When asked if he was making the decision to leave women because he is broke, Lwasa noted how he has no issue with being called broke as long as he has where to sleep, what to eat, and money in his bank accounts.

“I have no issue with being called broke. I have never wanted to be called rich anyway. If I have my money and you call me poor, it actually makes me happy,” he added.


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