Mathias Walukagga Expresses Interest In Marrying Sheebah Karungi To Save Her From Loneliness!!

Kadongo Kamu singer Sir Mathias Walukagga has expressed interest in having Sheebah Karungi’s hand in marriage.

Sir. Mathias Walukaga dropped the hint when asked to weigh in on the upcoming Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu music battle that is slated to happen next month.

Mathias Walukaga wishes to marry Sheebah - YouTube

Before giving his opinion about the music battle, Walukagga noted how he deeply loves both artists’ contributions to the music industry adding that they have done well in their respective fields.

On that note, Mathias Walukagga went on to stress that he loves how Sheebah does some of her things adding that had he gotten the chance, he would have proposed to marry her.

When asked how he finds Sheebah’s dress code, Walukagga noted that at the moment, she is free to dress the way she wishes because there is no one she is answerable to about her dress code.

“First of all, both of them are my good friends and artists. Sheebah performs for me and I love her music as well as Cindy. Had I got the opportunity, I would marry Sheebah and I wish one day it could happen.

I don’t mind her dress code at the moment because she is self-driven. When I get her as my wife, I will buy her clothes I will want her to wear. She is free to do whatever she wants now.” Sir. Mathias Walukagga

The “Kiwugulu” singer went on to note that if he gets the chance to marry her, that is when he will buy her the clothes he would wish her to wear.

As of now, he gave her the liberty to show up anywhere the way she feels like as long as she feels okay with it.


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