“When Pallaso Was My Manager, He Told Me Not To Have Sex For One Year, So That I Become A Super Star!!” Pencil-Sized Jowy Landa Reveals.

Singer Jowy Landa real name Joan Namugerwa recounts how Pallaso forbade her from sexual relations while under his management.

Ever since Jowy Landa ventured into music, she has worked with several music managers including fellow singer Pallaso.

Pallaso and Jowy Landa collaborate on 'Mulabe Duka' | AUDIO ALERT

However, working under Pallaso’s management came with some challenges, one being abstaining from sex for reasons best known to the Team Good Music boss.

While describing her ordeal to radio personalities Jenkins Mukasa and Bat Badru, Landa revealed that Pallaso rented her an expensive apartment in Munyonyo and a house help to take care of her duties.

However, Pallaso imposed stringent rules on her that made the management very uncomfortable continue with.

Jowy reflects on a past relationship with a male musician, but it didn’t work out as she was unable to spend some alone time with him since Pallaso objected to it.

Currently, Deejay Roger of the Slick Stuart and Roger Deejaying team is in charge of managing Landa, and thus far, everything is working smoothly.


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