Champion Gudo’s Desperate And Misled Father Threatens To Drag Alien Skin To Police If He Doesn’t Take His Son To Sudhir’s Kampala Parents School.

Rising star Champion Gudo real name Ssendiwala Deogratius’s father Kibuuka Godferey has threatened to drag his custodian and singer Alien Skin to the police if he fails to take his son to Kampala Parents’ school.

For over a week now, the saga of Champion Gudo and Kampala Parents School has been the talk of the town.

It should be remembered that Kampala parents’ school offered Champion Gudo a bursary on young rapper Felista Di Supasta’s plea.

However, Champion Gudo’s custodian Alien Skin rejected the offer and implored Kampala parents’ school director and his board members to meet him at Fangone for an in-depth discussion over the kid’s scholarship, which the school declined, putting Gudo’s bursary at stake.

While taking part in several press interviews, Champion Gudo’s father Mr. Kibuuka Godferey revealed that Alien Skin had taken custody of his son through the mother without his permission.

Alien Skin, Champion Gudo

Mr. Kibuuka complained about Alien Skin allowing his son to participate in nighttime activities like performing at shows instead of enrolling him in school.

The indignant father demanded Alien Skin to take his son to Kampala Parents’ School immediately and advised him to take advantage of the privilege of attending KPS.

Mr. Kibuuka noted that the singer is with his son illegally, and if he fails to comply with his demands, he will drag him to the police.


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