Angry Grace Khan Beats Up Ugly Kid Dee For Tying Himself On Her Beautiful Daughter, Kid Dee Wants A DNA Test!!

Singer Kid Dee real name Matovu Denish Duncan and Grace Khan have earlier today embroiled in a physical altercation.

A few months back, upcoming singer Kid Dee came public and claimed the paternity of Grace Khan’s daughter Granah Illona.

Not Prince Omar! Kid Dee confirms being father of Grace Khan's daughter  (Video) - Routine Blast : Gossip, Showbiz , Breaking News in Uganda

Kid Dee made the claims in light of Prince Omar steadfastly refusing to take on the fatherly obligations of Grace Khan’s daughter claiming he wasn’t her biological father.

However, in the twist of events, Prince Omar acknowledged the paternity of Grace Khan’s daughter and apologized for initially being a deadbeat father.

Despite Prince Omar’s acknowledgement, this didn’t deter Kid Dee from appearing in several interviews claiming the paternity of the kid and demanding a DNA test.

Earlier today, Kid Dee crossed paths with Grace Khan at Measch Semakula’s Papa’s Spot restaurant in Makindye and embarked on demanding the kid’s DNA test.

This left Grace Khan with a sour taste in her mouth, and she was heard saying in the viral video that Kid Dee was to blame for the dissolution of her marriage with Prince Omar.

Grace went into combat gear to put the upcoming singer in his lane while she flung bottles and hurled sharp insults at him.

The restaurant was in disarray when Kid Dee vowed to fight back, prompting the involvement of bystanders to restore order and they were both asked to leave.



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