“Jeff Kiwa Is To Blame For Sheebah’s Arrogance And Poor Public Speech, Because He Spoiled Her!!” Social Analyst Gabriel Buule Asserts.

Music critic and Daily Monitor scribe Gabriel Buule has weighed in on the recently concluded Cindy vs Sheebah music battle press conference that took place On Monday at Victoria University Parking.

Gabriel Buule blames Sheebah’s former manager Jeff Kiwa for having not groomed the singer rightly on how to speak to journalists and the masses.

Jeff Kiwa Forces Sheebah To Feature TNS In Her New Songs - TheSpy

He explains that Sheebah faces the same challenge that Radio and Weasel faced when they had just ditched Jeff Kiwa as they would always speak nonsense before the media.

“Sheebah Karungi wasn’t groomed in the right way. There is a time when people want to feel pity and help her but when all the doors and avenues are shut. I no longer blame Sheebah, No. I blame Jeff Kiwa. Jeff Kiwa is the one who damaged Sheebah just the way he damaged Radio and Weasel.

Jeff Kiwa kept these people out of the camera and never allowed them to talk to reporters at any one moment. Most of the time when you bar someone from speaking to masses/people when they get the opportunity, they will either speak nonsense or sense. One of the two is bound to happen.” Gabriel Buule.

There's nothing musical you can talk about Bebe Cool - Gabriel Buule -  YouTubeoc

Gabriel Buule went ahead to note that when Sheebah speaks, she mostly speaks about senseless issues and one just waits for her time to stop.

He is however positive that with time, she will change because even Bebe Cool has gradually improved in his speech over time.


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