Winnie Nwagi Calls Herself A National Treasure, Says She’s Too Busy And Young, To Beef Old Cindy!

Winne Nwagi said she is a treasure in the music industry and noted that she is too busy to have time for beefing with Cindy Sanyu.

“I don’t have beef with her. Let her not try to assume it,” said Nwagi when an interviewer told her that their feud emerged after Cindy refused to face off with her in a music battle. [It is reported that some promoter wanted to organise a music battle between Nwagi and Cindy but the latter declined, saying the former is not in her league.]

Winnie Nwagi Calls Out Cindy Sanyu to Stop Demeaning Fellow Musicians -  Entebbe News

“Why should I, Nakwanwagi? [laughs] I have a lot to do [laughs]. I don’t hate her. Let her do her battles.”

Winnie Nwagi declined to pick sides between Sheebah and Cindy on who’ll win the battle.

Nwagi and Cindy recently traded stinging words during media appearances though Cindy has also said that there is no beef between the two.

Meanwhile, Winnie Nwagi also noted that she is a celebrated artiste in the industry because of her contribution.

“I’m very big here in Uganda,” she said. “The day I was born I think it rained a lot and houses fell… I’m a star… you can’t even undermine me, because if you try, people will just laugh at you. I’ve contributed a lot to… the Ugandan music industry. every musician has contributed as long as they’ve been to Studio.”

Born on July 20, 1989, Winnie Nakanwagi went to St. Agnes Nagalama Primary School, East High School Ntinda, Migadde College, Namagabi S.S., but she didn’t continue after S.6.

Born to Henry Kabiito and Sarah Namuddu, Nwagi started miming and stage performances in A-Level.

After school, she tried a number of things both in the music industry and out of it, including working as a backup singer for Evelyn Lagu, Titie Tabel and Haruna Mubiru. She also met legends like Ronnie Banton and Chagga who introduced her to studios.

It’s when she participated in Coca-Cola Rated Next that her turning point arrived. Benon Mugumbya, the co-founder of Swangz Avenue, was a judge. They took her on and she dropped Embela in 2016, followed by Gwenonya. Musawo, produced by Danz Kumapeesa, that same year, was her breakthrough.


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