Champion Ogudo’s Biological Father Wants An Urgent Meeting With Alien Skin Or Else!!

A man claiming to be the biological father of Champion Ogudo has come out to express his disappointment with singer Alien Skin.

Godfrey Kibuuka, a musician and former amateur boxer claims his son, Ogudo, and his two brothers were taken from him by the Fangone Forest boss.

He says Alien Skin was handed the three boys by their mother, a one Hadijah Nambasa.

In a Youtube interview, Kibuuka said Ogudo’s real names are Deo Ssendiwala, and that he is “about 9 years old.”

His other sons, he said, are Robert Kyobe aka Amateur, aged 15, and a younger one whom he only identified as Junior.

Kibuuka claims Alien Skin visited his wife, Nambasa, liked their children, and “decided to take them under his care.”

But for the youngest, Junior, he is still very little and he studies while coming from the mother’s side. But he spends a lot of time with Alien Skin,” he said.

Kibuuka says the singer is taking care of all the kid’s needs including school fees.

He says, however, that he is unhappy with the breakout music star because he has never met or talked to him.

I am not angry at him and I have no issue with him having the kids. My only concern is that I have never sat down to speak with him,” said Kibuuka.

“I am only upset that he hasn’t found time to come meet me and talk with me, I just want him to come to me and I will hand him the kids officially,” he said.

Asked under what circumstances his wife handed over the children to the musician, Kibuuka said she was only concerned about their welfare because he wasn’t available.

I love my wife, and although she gave away the children without asking me, I do trust her decision. After all, she did not kill them or harm them. She just wanted the best for them.”

Kibuuka also says he’s happy that he has full access to the kids, and is able to talk to them whenever he wants.

Even recently, we had visiting relatives from abroad. Alien sent the kids with all his security and they came and saw the visitors and went back in the evening because they had a show,” he said.

Talking about last week’s offer from tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s scholarship offer to Ogudo at his Kampala Parents School, Kibuuka said he has no problem with this, as long as the mother and Alien are willing to accept it.


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