Zex Bilangilangi Team Arrested At Entenbe Airport For Having Illegal Weapons And Weed!

Musician Zex Bilangilangi real name Tadeo Mayega has cried foul play in the arrest of his team at the airport. The “Ratata” fame singer is alleging that someone is trying to sabotage his upcoming concert which is four days away. He has not revealed the reason behind the arrests.

Bilangilangi was returning from Turkey where he had performed alongside fellow musicians Rickman and AnKnown on Sunday at the Chop Life Turkey edition. According to his post, his team had come to pick him up from the airport when they were detained.

Among the detained is the singer’s manager.

“All my team has been arrested as they came to pick me up from the airport. Someone is sabotaging my concert. The arrested include my manager and other top management of the show,” he said under pictures showing the group sitting on the floor wearing branded reflector jackets displaying his concert.

The concert, which is dubbed “Labisa“, is going to be his maiden since his claim to fame in 2020.

Although the reason behind the arrest is yet to be known, getting arrested at the airport is usually a very serious issue that warrants high concern. Firstly, it is a legal process by which a person is taken into custody in connection with a crime, by officers working at an airport.

Reasons for such an arrest include; taking a weapon through airport security, drug trafficking, drug possession, illegal weapons possession, making a threat or statement that comprises security, committing violent assault, and public intoxication.

Some comments have questioned the move with one comment asking, “But why does the police of Uganda arrest people for no reason,” ali_boss_19.

However, according to Interpol Law Firms, “airport police have the authority to detain and question suspects without a warrant, and they may also search baggage and other belongings without a warrant.”


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