“Nothing Hurt Me Like Arrogant Sheebah Saying That I Failed Myself!’ 50-Year-Old Gossip Machine Josephat Sseguya Laments.

Bukedde Tv gossip journalist Josephat Sseguya has expressed his discontentment with singer Sheebah Karungi for saying he failed himself.

Ahead of the Cindy Vs Sheebah music battle at Kololo Independence grounds on 15th September, the rival singers activated the impending event with a press conference at Victoria University in Kampala.

Upon their arrival at the press conference, the pair addressed a few questions that were raised by some media personalities and fans.

However, Bukedde Tv entertainment correspondent Josephat Sseguya raised a question that seemingly didn’t settle well with Sheebah.

In his statement, Sseguya revealed that by Sheebah involving in a music battle with Cindy, she was risking ending her career at the end of the event.

Sseguya’s statement left Sheebah with a sour taste in her mouth and reminded him that isn’t God to forecast the future before telling him that he failed himself.

Sheebah Karungi, Josephat Sseguya

This left Sseguya demotivated, and stepped down the press conference podium with the tail between his legs. While addressing the press about Sheebah’s humiliation, the Bukedde Tv journalist stressed that nothing hurt him like the latter saying he failed himself.

Sseguya added that he is a degree holder in journalism from Makerere University and his job is professional. He added that Sheebah’s response emanated from the grievances they had years back, which he thought they had ironed out.

The self-declared Lugambo President went on to say that Sheebah’s response was inappropriate and that she would have defended herself instead of attacking him.



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