Poor Clever J Survives Arrest After A Fan Gave Him Fake Dollars!

During one of Clever J’s performances recently, one of his fans offered him dollar notes in appreciation for putting up an exhilarating performance.

Later, the delighted musician transferred the cash to a close friend to have it converted into Ugandan currency at one of Kampala’s currency exchange offices.

Clever J’s friend, Sky Sojah, was apprehended after the Forex bureau employee discovered that the dollar notes were fake. Sky Sojah revealed in defence of himself that the money was just given to him to be swapped.

In an effort to resolve the matter, Clever J was called upon, and he arrived with fellow singer Alien Skin.

Alien Skin, Clever J, Sky Sojah, and others are seen on a video accessed by Exclusive Bizz attempting to explain the situation to the authorities.

Fortunately, the issues were resolved without anyone being hurt, but the Forex Bureau confiscated and destroyed the counterfeit money.

Have a look at the video below;



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