“If Cindy Wrote For Me A Hit Song Like She Claims, Why Did She Refuse To Appear In The Video?? Bitter Sheebah Blasts Cindy Again!

Following a face-to-face verbal exchange of words between Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu at the press conference for their upcoming music battle, the former posed a question for the latter.

Among the many questions that were thrown their way, Sheebah had one that she had long wanted Cindy Sanyu to clear the air about.

Sheebah names 2 favourite Cindy songs, reveals what she doesn't like about her | Pulse Uganda

Based on the fact that Cindy Sanyu wrote Sheebah Karungi’s first song as a solo artist dubbed “Kunyenyenza” which was produced by Washington, she wondered why Cindy Sanyu tossed her and dodged featuring in her video.


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