Angry Kadama Promises To Finance Grace Khan To Go Work As A Housemaid In Dubai, So That She Forgets Prince Omar.

One of Grace Khan’s fans in Saudi Arabia has pledged to fund the singer’s travel documents to work as a housemaid.

Grace Khan has experienced the worst over the past few weeks as a result of ruining her recently mended relationship with baby daddy Prince Omar.

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During a TikTok live stream, Grace Khan’s fan revealed how she went through the same situation the singer is going through before exiting the country to Saudi Arabia.

The fan added that she had to leave her four kids in Uganda, to trace for greener pastures in the Arabian world.

To cub Grace Khan’s misery, the fan pledged to fund the singer’s passport process, such that she ditches her music career to embark on being a housemaid.

Prince Omar, Grace Khan ready to have Second Child -

However, Grace Khan turned down the offer, revealing that was not ready to leave her daughter in Uganda to go work as a housemaid.

Grace Khan went to flaunt her passport with multiple Visas, claiming that she had travelled all over the world to work but not as a housemaid.


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