Provocative Hindu Kay Thanks Jealous Prima Kardashi For Always Supporting Her Sweatheart Geosteady Blackman!

Geosteady’s girlfriend Hindu Kay has expressed gratitude to Prima Kadarshi for always supporting the singer.

After falling out with Prima Kadarshi a few years back, Geosteady hooked up with a new girlfriend known as Hindu Kay.

Despite moving on with Hindu, Goesteady kept embroiling in verbal arguments with Prima Kadarshi on different matters.

However, in light of the most recent development, looks like the trio resolved their disputes and is now working together to improve their respective businesses.

Earlier today, Hindu Kay crossed paths with Prima Kadarshi’s video publicising her baby daddy’s forthcoming coming concert in September.

Prima’s gesture impressed Hindu, who took to her Instagram account to convey appreciation to the former for always supporting the singer despite calling it quits.

A family that supports each other grows together Thanks mama So Prima Kardashi for always supporting Daddy So Geosteady…… Let’s all be there on the 08th of September at Hotel Africana to support the Kigozis.

Hindu also shared Prima’s Lusaniya advertisement via her Instagram Stories, which amazed the majority of her followers.

Hindu’s kind act was received with gratitude by boyfriend Geosteady, who took to the comment section revealing that she is special in and out before pleading with Allah to give her whatever she wants.

Your special in and out. Allah akuwemu ekilungi


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