“You Have Run Out Of Favor, Ugandans No Longer Want You And Your Fake Useless Songs!” Loud Mouth Bajjo Blasts Alien Skin.

Andrew Alfonso Bajjo believes Fangone Forest artist Alien Skin’s days in the limelight are now numbered as he has “run out of luck.”

In June, Bajjo together with fellow events promoter Abtex backed Alien Skin when he organized his maiden concert at Freedom City Mall on the same day when Pallaso’s Love Fest concert was happening at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Alien skin - Makes a Music Video for Champ Ogudo and He directs It -  EachAmps Songs Downloader

Bajjo says that at the time, Alien had so much favor which started out as public sympathy following a physical altercation with Pallaso.


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