“I Believe Mbazira Tonny Is Bewitched And I Want To Take Him To A Witch Doctor To Heal Him From Those Curses!” Lil Pazo Reveals.

Singer Yasin Mukasa alias Lil Pazo claims that CBS FM presenter Mbaziira Tonny is being bewitched and that the car crashes he has survived in a short period of time are proof.

According to Lil Pazo, real name Yasin Mukasa, Mbaziira Tonny has so far survived three car accidents that almost claimed his life.

Lil Pazo atwala Mbaziira Tonny Kkooki amutaase abaagala okumutta  #Kawunyemu360 - YouTube

He adds that Mbaziira is facing hard challenges due to witchcraft that is being sent his way in order to extinguish his stardom.


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