KAWEEDEMU DDA!! Smart Wire Upcoming Singer Tom Dee Caught Red-handed With A Big Woman’s Knicker, His Heartbroken Girlfriend Agatha Exposes Everything On TikTok Live!

TikTok favourite couple of fast rising singer Tom Dee and girlfriend Agatha Katrina has taken a bitter shakedown after the singer getting caught redhanded with another woman’s underwear in his bag upon returning back home late at night, everything unfolded quickly during a Live stream.

According to info Blizz Uganda obtained, rapper Tom Dee has been allegedly cheating on Agatha who has now exposed him bitterly despite the whole world watching.

VIDEO: Singer Tom Dee Caught Redhanded with Another Woman's Knicker,  Girlfriend Agatha Exposes Everything on Live TikTok | Blizz Uganda

All this is said to hav started when Tom Dee came back home very late at night and instead of giving Agatha some precious time, he just pulled out his phone and went live on TikTok to chat with his fans and followers.

This triggered Agatha who went through his back- pack and unfortunately found an item that did not belong to her hence begging him to end the live stream to which he refused.

Drama unfolded quickly as Tom Dee stood up laughing, thinking it was just a normal prank the couple is known for pulling off but unfortunately, this was something very serious.

Watch the full drama below:


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