Furious Diana Nabatanzi Threatens To Sue Disrespectful Social Media In-Laws Who Abuse Her!

BBS Terefayina host and actress Diana Nabtanzi has threatened to drag social media bullies to the courts of law.

On Tuesday this week, Diana Nabatanzi took to TikTok and shared a video of herself grooving to Sheebah’s latest song “Tosobola.”

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The video, however, seemingly didn’t impress one of the platform users a one Viane, who took to the comment section before dropping a crude slur.

The comment left Diana Nabatanzi with a sour taste in her mouth, taking to her “Kiri Kitya” afternoon show to express her disappointment.

The clearly infuriated presenter questioned why a person would follow someone they don’t like on social media.

Being that Viane seemed to be at a young age, Diana implored parents to be cautious while using filthy language in their children’s presence.

Diana continued by threatening to bring charges against anyone who insult her online in an effort to set a good example for others.


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