Uganda Police Vows To Take Action Against Alien Skin’s Army Camouflage Attires And Traffic Rules Violations.

The Uganda Police has opened up about Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin’s camouflage attires.

Ever since Alien Skin rose to stardom, he has been making public appearances clad in army camouflage attires raising eyebrows.

Recently during a Phone interview with Sanyuka TV, the Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigyire was tasked to remark on the growing trend in Alien Skin’s camp of wearing army camouflage gear.

In his response, the Police Spokesperson revealed that one can be permitted to wear army camouflage for different purposes as long as they pass through the rightful channels to obtain them.

He added that a civilian may be allowed to employ army camouflage in certain circumstances, such as theatrical performances, filming, and concert performances, with permission from the UPF and payment of a set fee.

Alien Skin

He however noted that if Alien Skin didn’t follow the aforementioned criteria, he would undoubtedly be looked into and quickly brought to the book.

The Police Spokesperson said that because Alien Skin is not wearing a police uniform, it is the responsibility of the Military Police to investigate his case.

According to Traffic Police Spokesperson Micheal Kananura, who was speaking about Alien Skin’s motorcade, if the singer’s vehicles are not in good mechanical condition, he runs the risk of being imprisoned because he endangers other road users.

He added that musicians don’t have the right of way, and they ought to respect the traffic laws just like any other Ugandan.


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