“Record Label Contracts Are Equal To Slavery, That’s Why I Totally Rejected Them!” Cindy Sanyu Indirectly Trashes Sheebah’s ‘Karma Music’ Record Label Plans.

Following singer Sheebah Karungi’s announcement of starting her own record label known as “Karma Music UG”, Cindy Sanyu has also shared what she thinks of record labels in town and all over the world.

Cindy Sanyu who is also a queen of controversy highlighted that the reason why she defiantly declined getting signed to records labels yet several of them have approached her, is that she wants to have her freedom.

Cindy tells Sheebah to stop working under pressure, “I can give you ...

She explained that artists signed to record labels are not treated by human beings but rather as products and goods equating them sacks of salt, and mattresses among other items.


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