Cindy Sanyu’s Fans Concerned About Her Red And Swollen Eyes, Urge Her To Get Some Sleep Before She Collapses!

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu’s fans have urged her to have some good sleep following her unpleasant recent public appearance.

Cindy Sanyu has been participating in a number of interviews with various media sites over the past few days.

However, the singer’s recent development of dark bags under her eyes caught the attention of critics, setting tongues wagging.

These have subsequently voiced their concern about the singer’s busy schedule, which prevents her from getting sufficient time to sleep.

Others, on the other hand, have attributed Cindy Sanyu’s dark bags to the impending music battle with her nemesis Sheebah Karungi which compels her to rehearse rigorously leaving her with no room to rest well.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi are expected to lock horns next month at Kololo Independence grounds, hence each camp is rehearsing extensively to give their whole on 15th September at Kololo Independence grounds.




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