Unruly And Radical Yung Mulo Has No Kind Words For Mesach Ssemakula Tells Him To Respect His Age.

Dancehall singer Kassim Lubega alias Yung Mulo has urged veteran singer Mesach Semakula to respect himself first before demanding it from anyone.

At the start of this month, Yung Mulo and Mesach Semakula clashed at the “The Return of Clever” concert at KCCA Grounds in Kampala.

The show briefly descended into chaos as Young Mulo and Mesach Semakula conflicted on who takes on the stage next after Mikie Wine.

In his most recent press interview, Yung Mulo opened the lid on what exactly transpired during the show causing a clash.

Yung Mulo revealed that they had made the show roster earlier on, and Mesach Semakula was clueless about who performed after the other when he took on the stage.

The Firebase singer notes that Mesach Semakula’s brash entrance onto the stage may have been an attempt to test his forbearance and put him on the spot.

The “Tebakusobola” singer acknowledged that he handled Mesach Semakula with dignity and respect before admonishing him to show respect for others before expecting it in return.


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