NUP Diehards Register And Claim Ownership Of Alien Skin’s Name And His Fangone Forest Music Gang, Alien Skin In Tears!

Singer Alien Skin is in panic mode as his detractors have registered his name and his label Fangone Forest Entertainment as theirs.

Since the start of this week, Alien Skin has been the talk of the town following his decision to reschedule the “Nkwakyo” festival after falling out with Abitex Promotions.

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The development was followed by negative remarks from internet users, over the statements he made asking to meet the president that included a music collabo and bulletproof car.

NUP members appeared to take exception to Alien’s comments citing he was denigrating their leader Bobi Wine, before vowing to decampaign him.

Since, several efforts have been made to plot Alien Skin’s downfall, including registering his label Fangone Forest Entertainment.

While appearing on a TikTok live stream, Alien expressed his disappointment, revealing that a law firm called Tala registered the name of his record label Fangone Forest Entertainment.

Additionally, the singer revealed that the name “Alien Skin” was also registered, and he is currently using it illegally.


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