“Desperate Church Members Squeeze Single Pastor Bugembe On On Getting A Wife From His Church As He Turns 39 Years Old.

Pastor Wilson celebrated a bitter-sweet 39th birthday yesterday, Tuesday. The event was filled with heart-wrenching memories of his long and arduous pastoral journey, as well as questions from church members about when he’s getting married.

A group of youthful followers threw the surprise birthday for the pastor on Monday night, wherein they repeatedly sang him songs taunting his prolonged single life.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe was thrown a birthday party which was attended by singer Nshuti Mbabazi

The pastor should tell us; is he single, is he booked, or has he got questions on him like a land with wrangles?” remarked one the youths.

Before cutting the cake, Bugembe said he had no response to these questions.

I don’t know what to say to you guys, but thank you for the surprise, and I thank God for this journey. My mother died when she was 26 and my dad followed when he was 30. But look at me now, I am turning 39,” he said.

The small surprise party was attended by a handful of youth leaders at the Nansana-based House of Worship Church.

It was also graced by melodious guitarist Shunti Mbabazi, who serenaded the night with beautiful renditions of some of the pastor’s hit songs.

Mbambazi shares a birthday with Bugembe.

Although they had never met, Bugembe and Nshuti shared their mutual admiration for each other.

I am so pleased to finally meet you, I hope that you will leave me with your number,” said the pastor.

The following day, on Tuesday, Bugembe hosted a larger gathering of guests at the Kampala Serena at an event to celebrate his birthday and also launch his new book, “The Pregnant Man.”

At the event, the pastor addressed the issue of him getting married in more detail, saying it was taking long because he got taken up by the ministry work.

Bugembe started his church in Nansana 20 years ago when he was only 19.

Maybe that’s another reason I am not married yet… it’s because I got pregnant with this vision,” he said.

It is what I live for, it is my life, and I hope that by the time I die, I will leave behind a church that generations will find a place to worship.”

Bugembe added, however, that he was still hoping to get a wife someday.

I cannot wait to get married and start delegating my wife to some of these functions,” he said, bashfully.

The event was attended by Pastor Bugembe’s close friends including Pastor Justine Nabbosa and Dr. Margie Kigozi, who contributed Shs 5 million toward the completion of his church.


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