“Stick To Organizing ‘Enkuuka’ Festival, Leave ‘Nkwacho’ Festival For Serious Promoters!!” Alien Skin Blasts Confused Promoter Abtex.

Following back-and-forth bickering over the cancellation of the ‘Nkwacho’ festival, Alien Skin has advised Abtex to stick to organizing ‘Enkuuka’ festival because that is what he understands best.

Earlier scheduled for 27th August 2023 at Forest Park, Buloba, the Nkwacho festival was dealt a big blow last week when Alien Skin canceled it over disagreements with promoter Abbey Musinguzi a.k.a Abtex.

Alien Skin calls out Abitex for non-payment in explosive live stream;  promoter vows vengeance | Pulse Uganda

Alien said that Abtex failed to meet the agreed terms for the festival to happen and hence its cancellation but Abtex denies the allegations.


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