Alien Skin And Troublesome Local Events Promoter Nobert Nearly Fight After He Pushed Him Out Of Fear.

Singer Alien Skin and events promoter Nobert Events real name Nobert Twizire were earlier today embroiled in a physical altercation.

Since the start of this week, Alien Skin has dominated new columns for allegedly demeaning fellow singer Bobi Wine.

Before the dust settled, Alien Skin is embroiled in a non-music-related saga, with events promoter Nobert Events.

According to a video clip accessed by Imbaraga, Alien Skin crossed paths with Nobert and his colleague at one of the hangout spots in Kampala.

As Alien greeted them, the events’ promoter aproached him, and seized the singer as he inquired what he wanted from him with a clear intention to fight.

Bystanders intervened to break up the physical altercation between the two, and Nobert was instructed to put down the stick he had taken to strike Alien.

The pair’s argument’s origins were unknown at the time of publication, although whispers claim that they were arguing over old grudges.

Critics, however, contend that the two staged the event as a publicity gimmick to take media attention away from Alien Skin’s denigration of Bobi Wine and to promote the “Nkwacho” Festival.



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