“One mistake can lead to your downfall” Ragga Dee Sends Out Strong Warning To Alien Skin

Veteran singers Ragga Dee has come out to send a strong warning to rising star, singer Alien Skin. TheSitya Dangerhit maker is currently the man of the moment. He has caused storms here and there and seems to have everything going good for himself.

Ragga Dee has now  come out to caution him to tread carefully. Apparently, he has to know that the industry he is in is full of people who don’t like each other.

Furthermore, the current generation runs on the internet. And any mistake there can have you dragged back to nothing.

TheLetter Osinger added that he has seen musicians who were so loved and hyped by people. However, right now nobody even turns their head when they pass by.

“I want to warn Alien Skin to be careful. He is a very good singer, lucky and blessed. However, he has to know that this industry is full of people with evil intentions. Besides, this is an era of the internet.

One mistake can lead to your downfall. Ugandans have a habit of loving and hyping you but when they hate you, they take it to the maximum. I have seen musicians who were loved so much but right now nobody cares about who they are,”said Raga Dee.

The singer-turned-politician called for unity in the industry. He cited a recent example of Alien Skin  and Spice Diana who had a heated debate on Galaxy FM about the Federation. Apparently, each of the singers seemed like they are in a different country.

The disunity is very stark yet these musicians should be working together because they have a lot in common. He urged them to find a middle ground lest the industry will crumble further than it is currently.


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