Uganda Police Canceled Clever J’s Aero Beach Concert Citing Poor Security Excuses.

The Uganda Police reportedly called off singer Gerald Muwonge alias Clever J’s Aero Beach Entebbe concert.

Clever intended to hold additional runs of concerts on the outskirts of Kampala in light of the 4th August concert at the Lugogo K.C.C.A grounds which attracted a sizable audience.

Police Reportedly Cancels Clever J's Aero Beach Concert - Entebbe News

On 5th August, Clever J amicably held a show at Collins Hotel Mukono, and he was looking forward to thrilling his fans at Aero Beach Entebbe on 6th August.

According to the Police letter dated 24th July 2023, Bajjo wrote to the Police prior to the event requesting security ahead of the event.

The Uganda Police, however, cancelled the Aero Beach Entebbe concert, claiming they lacked adequate security and were therefore unprepared for the show.

The authorities also mentioned that a concert would sabotage the summit that African leaders were attending in Uganda.

The event promoter Bajjo expressed his disappointment with the Uganda Police, for cancelling the event on D-day when the concert stage and other equipment had already been set up at the location.


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