Desperate Eveln Lagu Begs Local Promoters To Organize For Her Regional Concerts Before She Dies.

Ailing singer Evelyn Lagu real name Evelyn Nakabira has pleaded with events promoters to stage for her a concert before her death.

The last few years have seen Evelyn Lagu to and fro several medical facilities as she battles kidney failure complications.

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Evelyne has seen unwavering support from fellow musicians, fans, and well-wishers throughout her illness to ensure that she returns to normal health.

In her most recent social media post, Evelyn expressed her desire to see fans gathering together to remember her at a concert before her death.

It is at this moment that Evelyne Lagu pleaded with any willing promoter to show up and help her realize her ambition.

She added that while she would like to perform at a number of venues across the nation, she would initially like to concentrate on her home cities of Kampala, Mityana, and Masaka.

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Evelyne maintains that she is certain many fellow musicians would support her in her cause, as it has always been.

“Lord this is ma dream please make it come true! Kwata ku promoter yenna ankolereyo show ndabe kubanjagala ngabaliwamu ngandimulamu! Njagala nikole nyinji naye okusooka wano e Kampala wempangalira, e Mityana jenakulira, e Masaka jenzaalwa olwo ntalage ewasoboka mukama nkusabye manyi okikoze! Tag any big promoter Manyi baganda bange abayimbi bajjakumbereramu nga bulijjo Amiina!


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