Unapologetic Alien Skin Vows Not To Apologize For Using God’s Song To Praise Satan.

Singer Alien SKin born Mulwana Patrick has vowed not to issue an apology in light of heaping praise on Satan in a viral video clip.

A few weeks back Alien Skin became the topic of discussion after appearing in a viral video attributing his success to Satan and replacing God’s name with Satan.

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The development saw several media figures including Pastor Wilson Bugembe, King of Radio Wasley and others criticize the singer’s decision.

King of Radio Wasley claimed in one of the interviews that he wanted to sue Alien Skin for transforming a gospel song that exalts God into one that exalts Satan if he fails to apologize.

However, Alien admitted during a TikTok live broadcast that he had no idea how far such a seemingly little issue would spiral.

Alien cheekily noted that he possesses all the traits of Satan before advising his followers to repent such that he doesn’t lead them into temptation.

Alien who seemed biased about God, revealed that he is not ready to apologize to anyone, adding that he was born unruly.


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