Unruly And Wild Yung Mulo Fights Mesach Semakula For The Microphone At Clever J’s Concert, Gets Thrown Off Stage!!

Singers Youg Mulo and Mesach Semakula clashed at fellow singer Clever J’s just-concluded concert.

On Friday 4th August 2023 Clever J held his “The Return of Clever J Eddogo Lyafuluka” concert at Lugogo KCCA Grounds in Kampala.

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Despite registering an underwhelming turn-up at the concert, Clever J received support from several musicians like Mesach Semakula, Spice Diana, Alien Skin, Mikie Wine, Shakira Shakira and many others.

The show, however, briefly descended into chaos as Young Mulo and celebrated singer Mesach Semakula clashed on who performs next.

The commotion ensued when Mikie Wine left the stage after his performance and announced Young Mulo as the next performer.

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However, according to the concert concept, Mesach Semakula was the next to take on the stage and played his gospel song “Kankutendereze.”

This saw Yung Mulo and his group storm the DJ booth and demanded that Mesach Semakula’s song be taken off the decks so they could play their own.

Mesach Semakula opted to step off the stage to escape what would have happened next. This required the stage manager’s intervention as he begged him not to leave and Youg Mulo and his entourage were pushed to leave the stage with the assistance of the security.

When Mesach was given the microphone once more, he announced that he would sing one song and then offer Yung Mulo the opportunity to follow.


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