“I Made Karole Kasita’s Music Career And Wrote All Her Hit Songs, But She Refused To Pay Me!” Disappointed Mudra Exposes Ungrateful Kasita.

Singer Sebunya Alfa aka Mudra has come out and bitterly exposed singer Karole Kasita’s dirty underwear showing off all the ashaming side she always hides from the public, how she behaves whenever she gets a gig with much money and never bothers to pay debts.

The angry Mudra used to write songs for Karole Kasita but was forced to stop and instead started recording them himself and releasing to the public.

Singer Mudra Throws Hard Punches At Karole Kasita As He Confirms Rumours  Diva Didn't Pay Him For Songs He Wrote For Her

His career kicked off when he wrote Karole Kasita’s ‘Yaka’ song which he never ate big from.

While appearing on Galaxy TV for an interview, Mudra exposed how much frasturation he went through working with Kasita.

“I won’t lie, she used to pay me really slowly but she was making good money. In my life, I’m not after the credit. I’m after what I get, if we agree on a price, give it to me in time. But she used to take a long time to pay, We reached a point of begging for our payment yet she would shoot videos for over Shs10m but they would pay us the writers very late.

For the song she did with Fik (Fameica), Karole did not pay me but I’m a grown man, so I can leave it. I’m a king and I respect her because she’s a mother. These are some of the things that made me hate writing and I left it. I now only write for the people I want.”– he said.

Watcht the interview;


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