“I Bet That Hopeless Frank Ntambi Ugx5m To Prove That I Beat Him A He Claims!!” Furious Gravity Omutujju Breaks Silence On Assault Charges.

Gravity Omutujju assured Frank Ntambi that running his mouth will earn him a beating.

Ntambi, an entertainment writer and music analyst, filed a case at Kiira Road Police, claiming that Omutujju had beaten him while at Radio Simba.


During a press conference held Wednesday, August 2, the rapper, whose real name is Gereson Wabuyu, dismissed the allegations, asking him to show proof.

He even staked Shs5 million if Frank Ntambi can prove his claims.

“I’m betting Shs5 million if he can remove the plaster and show any scratch. It doesn’t matter how tiny it is,” said Gravity Omutujju, adding that he only warned him to stop talking about his wife and conveying misleading information.

“If being warned translates to beating, then he will be beaten. He is looking for media attention and if it is what he wants, he will get it,” continued Omutujju.

“If you want to attack me, attack me as an individual, don’t involve my wife.”

Gravity said Ntambi also claimed that he stole money from a woman in Sweden and that is ruining his reputation.

That he also claimed that Omutujju beats his wife.

“I’m still warning you. if you don’t stop talking about my family and keep saying things you can’t prove, you’ll be arrested or you will be beaten,” he said.

In 2022, Gravity Omutujju said he beats women for fun but later retracted the statement following media pressure.

The 30-year-old Luga Flow artiste shares two children with Sharua Nakanyike.

Meanwhile, Gravity insisted on Ntambi bringing proof.

He said if he had beaten him, he wouldn’t still have teeth.

“If you’ve beaten, you can’t have teeth… can I beat that guy and he is still able to talk?” he wondered.

He said the only thing he did when he found him at Simba was to warn him against making unsavoury remarks about his family.

“I can’t fight from a media house yet I need it… I just warned him,” said Omutujju.

Gravity said he doesn’t mind Ntambi abusing him, but he doesn’t take it when it comes to family.


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