“Maybe It Was The Too Much English I Used That Confused Local Winnie Nwagi To Attack Me!” Unpleased Cindy Blasts Fire Baby!

Cindy is wondering why Winnie Nwagi went verbal Rambo on her yet the comments she made didn’t call for that.

When Cindy announced her 2023 concert, she said all females who entered the industry before, aside from Rema Namakula, didn’t qualify to face off with her in a music battle.

Winnie Nwagi Calls Out Cindy Sanyu to Stop Demeaning Fellow Musicians -  Entebbe News

Nwagi appeared to interpret her comments as designating ranks to female artistes and this didn’t sit well with her.

When she was hosted on NTV The Beat, Winnie Nwagi told Cindy, born Cinderella Sanyu Munyonjo, to contain her pride.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, August 1, Cindy said that it could have been the English that confused Nwagi.

“Maybe it was the English… I didn’t understand her because I didn’t rank her,” said Cindy, going on to clarify.

I only said she is a young brand because she has just started. And I said she is a good artiste. She is a good brand. She is good but just a young brand… I’m an older brand,” went on Cindy.

“Not that I’m older by age because we are in the same age bracket. We are all in our thirties. I’ve been a superstar since I was 18 years old.

“I joined the industry a long time ago. I said my brand is older and hers is younger. I wasn’t rating her.”

Cindy said she was merely stating facts.

Cindy Sanyu, who will be facing off with Sheebah Karungi in a music battle, has been forthright, saying that she can singlehandedly beat all female musicians her junior in a music battle.

The music battle between Karungi and Sanyu is being organised by Victoria University Kampala at Kololo Airstrip, which will also hold a graduation ceremony on September 14, the day before the battle.


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