Rema Namakula’s “Fake Big Nyash” Excites Social Media In-Laws Who Insist That She Wore Fake Bums To Hurt Kenzo.

Ugandan singer Rema Namakula made a splash when she unexpectedly made an appearance at a performance with spectacular hind quarters “Nyash.”

Over the years Rema has been the subject of criticism on social media for her diminutive “Nyash.” On different occasions, the singer has been showered with all sorts of demanding remarks over her “Nyash”

Rema Namakula wowed partygoers over the weekend after showing up for a performance with an incredible body shape.

The singer’s rear quarters, which appeared large compared to her known size, took a section of internet users by storm.

The development has since set netizens’ tongues wagging, with some crediting the singer’s outfit for bringing out her “Nyash” well.

Others, on the other hand, pointed out that the singer embarked on plastic surgery, while others insisted she utilized a synthetic “Nyash.”

Rema appeared upbeat throughout her performance as she engaged with her audience and begged photographers to capture beautiful photographs of her well-endowed figure that can impress her husband Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya.

Have a look at the video below;



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