‘Fellow Men Wanted To Chew Me, That’s Why I Stopped Acting Like A Woman!” Ohrions Comedian ‘Muwajuma’ Reveals Dark Secrets.

Comedian Steven Muzira says he was forced to hit the brakes on his illustrious career after facing many hurdles including sexual harassment.

Muzira rose to fame in the late 2000s as a top stage performer through his comedy group The Ohrions, where he played the character of an obnoxious middle-aged woman.

Ohrions founder  Steven Muzira

The comedian was baptized “Muwajuma” by fans, from one of his popular songs of the same title. Among his peers, however, he’s known only as Stevo.

Muzira started The Ohrions with fellow artist Abu Kyazze, after his dream to join “The Ebonies” was dashed during his school time.

The group, which at the time was based in Kawempe, quickly picked notoriety especially after Muzira started releasing comic songs such as ‘Ndayira,’ ‘Ondabila Maama,’ ‘Muwajuma’ and others.

As years went by however, Muzira says he was forced to stop singing because he was getting taken advantage of by showrunners.

Men started hitting on me,” he said in a recent interview. “They would call me and say, ‘Come, there is business here.’ I would get there and find gay men who wanted to get with me.”

At first I thought it was the dresses I was wearing, so I switched to wearing Gomesi, but still they kept harassing me, so I was forced to stop the music performances.”

The artist says however, that he’s still a comedian and his group still stands.

I have never done any other job; I am still in comedy. It is what is paying for my kids’ school fees; one is in S3, one in S2 and another in P7.

The Ohrions, he says, now serves as a comedy school.

Some of the comedians that passed though the group include MC Kapale, Ssenga Naddembe, MC Kasigazi Clerk Ssaku, Dikcy Dicky among others.


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