Horny Lwasa Reveals That He’s Back With Vanessa Chewing Her Day And Night, As DNA Tests Confirm That 3 Of His Kids Aren’t His.

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa revealed he rekindled romance with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Vanny though she set some conditions for their relationship.

Lwasa, who was speaking to Baba TV, said that Vanny stopped him from talking about her in the media.

Vanessa and Emmanuel Lwasa

He also hinted that there could be plans of getting married.

“Vanessa stopped me from talking about her while on TV. [Laughs]… She got back in line… Love is now in high gear… wait for what will come in the future,” he said.

“… After here I will even give her a phone call.”

Lwasa and Vanessa met in early 2022 when he was battling typhoid at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.

She took care of him while he was bedridden and the foundation for their relationship was laid.

“I met Vanessa when I was at the hospital about six months ago… She showed discipline and took care of me when I was bedridden yet she is not my wife,” he said.

This happened as Lwasa was ending his romance with Angel Kwakunda. For his love for media attention and publicising his relationships, the loudmouthed tycoon kept his relationship with Vanessa Vanny out of the public eye until September 2022 when pictures from their photo shoot were shared on social media.

Lwasa even had plans of wedding her on October 29, then she surprised him when he visited her home and found plans of a function that was meant to introduce him formally to her family was aborted.

Emmanuel Lwasa revealed that he took his three kids for DNA tests and it was confirmed that they weren’t biologically his.

They were from two different women. He said this happened about three years ago, and one of the kids had finished school, while the other two who belonged to the same mother are now in Senior Three and Four.


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