“If You Want A Music Battle With Me, Bring Me Your Degree, Coz I Can’t Battle Nursery School Dropouts!!” Village-Excited Spice Diana Blasts Both Sheebah And Cindy.

For several months, there have been suggestions from music critics and fans that Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi should engage in a music battle. However, it appears that Spice Diana is not enthusiastic about the idea.

Taking to her social media, Spice Diana made it clear that she is only interested in battling musicians who possess university degrees. According to her, those who didn’t pursue higher education have nothing valuable to offer in such a competition.

Sheebah & Spice Diana are not my friends. Cindy speaks out on their beef -  YouTube

“I am available for a battle with any female artist, as long as she has a university degree. That’s the minimum qualification I require. I have standards, so I can’t just battle with nursery graduates,” she expressed.

Spice Diana holds the belief that engaging in a battle with Sheebah would lower her own personal standards. It seems she wants to compete with artists who have attained a certain level of education and, in her view, can offer a more challenging and meaningful competition.


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