“I Just Wanted To Abuse Them, But I’m A Fan Of Their Music!” Jealous Hellen Lukoma Apologizes To Kataleya And Kandle.

Following a brief exchange of words, it seems the beef between Hellen Lukoma and Kataleya and Kandle is dying out after the former admitted to being a fan of the duo’s music.

While speaking to the media a couple of weeks ago, Hellen Lukoma bitterly attacked Kataleya and Kandle whom she said are very disrespectful for questioning her 10-year career.

She then used a mocking facial description of Kataleya, something netizens have since regarded as “crossing the line” and “body shaming.”

While appearing on Mr. Henrie’s The Deep Talk, the self-styled ‘Black Barbie’ seemed to wave an olive branch as she confirmed being a fan of the pair.

When asked if she has ever listened to their music and if she is indeed a fan of their craft, Hellen Lukoma replied affirmatively.

She, however, declined to offer a direct apology to the Theron Music duo and maintained that her statements about them still stand and they need to respect her.

Commenting on her description of Kataleya that netizens deemed “body shaming,” Lukoma said that she just had no other way of describing her.

Despite Mr. Henrie’s persistence to have her react to the duo’s comments again, Lukoma said that she is “choosing peace” and letting karma take its course.


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