“I Don’t Attack People I Respect Even If They Abuse Me!!” Disappointed Karole Kasita Responds To Cindy Sanyu’s Criticism.

As Cindy Sanyu’s protege, Karole Kasita says she holds so much respect for her and would never attack her despite her opinions against her.

On Thursday, while announcing her ‘Comeback’ concert, Cindy Sanyu attacked a couple of female artists including Karole Kasita whom she regarded as a “kid.”

Cindy Sanyu is the Beyonce of Uganda – Karole Kasita Declares ⚜ Latest  music news online

“Karole is my child, I don’t compete with kids. I nurtured her, raised her into the amazing artist she is right now,” Cindy told the media.

Her comment has since left several of Karole’s fans ranting on social media but she has no issues with it.

While appearing on NTV The Beat show on Monday evening, the ‘Chekecha’ singer said she has so much respect for Cindy and she would not confront her over her opinions.

“I respect Cindy a lot. She said whatever she said about me, and that’s her opinion. I don’t confront people I respect,” Karole Kasita noted.


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