“I Am Not Rema Namakula’s Handbag As You Claim, Stop Disrespecting Me Or Else??” Evelyn Namulondo Warns Social Media Trolls.

Being called Rema’s handbag is finally getting well-worn to Evelyn Namulondo. Because of always being around the songstress, some netizens started calling her handbag, while others termed her a housemaid.

Usually, when asked about it, she would let it pass or offer witty remark.

Evelyn Namulondo shares the story of her encounter with Rema Namakula

For instance, in March she was hosted on Bukedde TV and the interviewer asked her: “There are those who say you’re Rema’s Kadama [housegirl], how does it make you feel?”

Namulondo responded: “Uh, it’s okay… who doesn’t want to be Rema’s Kadama? Do you know who Rema is?… Do you understand Rema?

“Rema is a high-value individual. But I let people talk about whatever they feel. Like I told you, you can say anything but you can’t change me, as long as there’s want I’m aiming at.”

At a press conference organised to officially announced her show dubbed The Best of Evelyn Namulondo: From Zero to Hero at Theatre Labonita, she was asked to comment on the issue of being called Rema’s handbag.

She wondered: “Am I a bag? Do I look like a bag?”

Then when she was asked about hanging out with Rema a lot, she said: “Do you have a problem with it or you don’t want to see us together?”

Rema and Evelyn Namulondo have known each other since the former was still under Bebe Cool’s record label Gagamel Crew.

In 2013, the Sili Muyembe singer unceremoniously left the label for a solo career. She left Gagamel during the period she was dating Eddy Kenzo who also played a huge role in uplifting her music career. Her relationship with Kenzo lasted about six years.

In interviews, Eveyln Namulondo has said she first saw Rema in the video of her song with Bebe Cool titled Ceaze & Sekkle.

Through one Muwonge, she met Rema at Theatre Labonita. Rema had also seen her in the video of Kenzo’s Zivuga. They exchanged numbers and the rest is history.


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