“Sheebah Is My Child Coz I Brought Her Into Music, And She Knows ‘What It Means When Mummy Speaks’!!” Cindy Blasts Queen Karma Again!

Cindy Sanyu said Sheebah Karungi wouldn’t dare face off with her in a music battle. While announcing her 2023 concert that she said is aimed at relaunching her music career, Sanyu reminded the media of her history with Karungi.

According to Sanyu, real name Cinderella Sanyu Munyonjo, she wrote Karungi’s first song.

Sheebah Hits at Cindy - Real Deejays

“So, for me definitely, she is a kid. I nurtured Sheebah, I wrote her first song. You understand? So, I cannot compete with my children,” said Sanyu, who professionally goes by Cindy, when she was asked if she is not afraid of a flop in the event that Karungi also maintains to host her event on September 15.

Sheebah Karungi had earlier announced that she’s set to hold YOLO Festival on Sept. 15 at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala.

However, Cindy on Thursday, July 20 announced that she had booked the venue and she’ll be holding a concert on the very date Karungi, better known as Queen Sheebah, had picked.

Cindy said that while Sheebah wanted the venue, she hadn’t paid for it. Cindy decided to pay first.

On that same day, singer King Michael will hold a show to mark 20 years in the music industry at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Sheebah have long-standing beef despite the former having helped the latter launch her singing career by writing her first song called Kunyenyeza.

The song, which was produced Washington, was released in 2010.


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