“I Am Too Busy To Waste My Time On Kenzo And Sheebah’s Fake Federation!” Unapologetic Spice Diana Reveals Bitter Secrets.

Lately, rumors have been making rounds suggesting that Source Management singer Hajjara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana ditched the Eddy Kenzo-led Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) that always holds meetings at Serene Suits Allure Hotel in Mutudwe.

The rumors arose following Spice Diana’s long absentia from the Federation without giving clear reasons why she has been a no-show at the meetings.

OLUGAMBO. Spice Diana Atabukidde Eddy Kenzo ne Sheebah Olwa Award !!! -  YouTube

This raised eyebrows among music critics some of whom cited that there could be something fishy at the federation that is not being told to the public.

To clear the air, Spice Diana addressed the reports by stressing that her absence from the federation meetings has been due to her busy schedule and being overbooked for the period she has been a no-show.

“I’m very busy with my work, I’m booked throughout the whole month, and I don’t have time for Eddy Kenzo’s federation anymore,” Spice Diana is quoted to have said.

The “Bilungo” singer went ahead to state that she doesn’t think that her absence from the federation will affect it from running its projects.

She explained saying that at the federation there are lots of leaders who can handle issues that could have taken place at a certain moment.

The rumors came after a couple of artists ditched the federation citing that their plans and goals are not clear and lacked a proper sense of direction to develop and improve on the artists’ works.


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