“I Was Being Used By Evil People To Spoil Prince Omar’s Name Using My Daughter Grannah!” Guilty Grace Khan Confesses.

Singer Grace Khan has confessed that she was being used by people close to her to tarnish her baby daddy Prince Omar’s name in the latter stages of her pregnancy.

The mother of one admitted that at the time she gave birth, when Prince Omar had denied being responsible for her child, she was advised to castigate him in the media.

Grace Khan essanyu libula okumutta, aweze okuttira omuntu ku Taata w'omwana  we Prince Omar - YouTube

Following their recent reunion when she shared a video clip of Prince Omar having a good time with their child, she was overjoyed to witness a new beginning of their love affair.

She has now acknowledged that they messed up and made mistakes but they are now back on good talking terms.

Grannah’s dad is very religious and he has been praying a lot. I agree we messed up and did shit as young people but positively I got to understand that whatever I was hurling at him, I was just being used to taint his image.

“I was being used by some people around me to make noise about Prince Omar but all that was useless and senseless of me.” Grace Khan.

Grace Khan is at the moment very proud of Prince Omar as they co-parent to bring up their daughter Illona Grannah.

She has excitedly asked women out there who Prince Omar wronged to forgive him saying he is human and he does mistakes just like anybody else does in their lives.


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